Manually adding steps/activity

The Sonic Boom Wellness program is based off of verified data.  This means an activity tracker or an activity tracking app, must be linked and used/worn for verified data to appear in your account.  This prevents the need for self-reporting/manually adding your data.

If you create or join a verified Contest, you must have an activity tracker or activity tracking app registered to your account and only those with something registered may join the Contest.  Self-reporting data (e.g. steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes) for verified Contests isn't permitted.

There are Contest options, Goals and Trackers that are self-reported. This means that you need to log into Sonic Boom Wellness to record your data/progress during a self-reported Contest.  For example, if you're doing a Contest on hydration, you will need to log in and record how many glasses of water you drank for the current day. 

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