Manually adding steps/activity

Good question! At this time, there isn't a way to manually track activity. The Sonic Boom Wellness program is based off of verified data, which means an activity tracker must be linked and used/worn for that activity to appear in your account. For example, if you participate in a verified contest, you must have an activity tracker or activity tracking app registered to your account in order to participate.


But don't worry — if you don't have a device, there are still ways to promote your healthy wellbeing in the Sonic Boom app. Goals and Trackers within the app are all self-reported, which means a member can record things like food, hydration, sleep, and stress without a device. Additionally, member-created contests may cover a variety of topics, some of which don't require a tracker. For example, if you're doing a self-care contest, you'll need to log your daily self-care activity to earn credit.

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