How do I use the Caught Ya tool?

Catching colleagues (or yourself!) doing something healthy is a great way to spread high-fives and engage with team members. It's our greatest social connectivity opportunity in the Sonic Boom program.


Alternatively, we offer a "busted" tool within the same module, and we recommend using it in a playful, fun manner when a colleague (or yourself) does something "unhealthy." And don't worry — all posts need to be approved by the recipient before they land on the social feed!


Here's how to use the tool:

  • From the homepage of your account, scroll down to the Caught Ya section.

  • Click Catch someone.

  • Select the thumbs-up icon to "catch" someone.

  • In the Whom did you catch? field, search the recipient's name, even if it's yourself.

  • Click Take Picture or From Gallery if you'd like to include an image.

  • In Add a reason, type a fun caption as to why this person is being caught.

  • Select Post.

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