How do I transfer Apple data to Sonic Boom?

Good question! Now that you've successfully connected your Apple Watch/Health app to your Sonic Boom Wellness account, you can transfer your activity to Sonic Boom. This goes for both wearable Apple devices, such as Apple Watch, and the Apple Health Kit app for iOS.


Offloads happen when iPhone's Bluetooth is on and the Sonic Boom app is opened.


  1. Click on the My Health heart icon

  2. You'll see your steps to-date in the next window. This happens when bluetooth is on.


If you don't see your accurate step count:


  1. Open up your Apple Health Kit app to confirm your steps are calculating there.

  2. Force-close the Sonic Boom app (by swiping up).

  3. Reopen the app, and follow steps 1-2 in the above section. You should see your steps there.


Hot tip: Offload your steps at least twice a day for the most accurate real-time steps count.


Here is a quick video to help you navigate how to register your account:


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