How do I register/set-up my Apple Watch/Health app with the program?

  1. Great question! Here are the steps, from first download to finish:


    1. Download the Sonic Boom Wellness app from the iOS store.

    2. Optional: Click Allow regarding push notifications (we recommend!).

    3. Sign into application using the credentials provided by your organization.

    4. In the upper right corner, click on the My Health heart icon

    5. Select Connect a Device.

    6. Choose Source, then select Apple Watch — this works for either Apple Watch or the Health Kit app.

    7. Read steps 1-3, then select the orange Let's Get Started button.

    8. Turn all categories on.

    9. You’ll be notified when the device was successfully registered.


    That's it! Data from this point forward will transfer into your Sonic Boom account.


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