Why are my Rewards achievements missing?

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The Rewards page has two types of categories for activities: Sonic Boom Wellness-related activities and third-party activities


Sonic Boom-related activities are completed within the app. When these activities are done, the results will show up in Rewards within one hours. Sonic Boom-related activities are things like the following:

  1. Hit a striding goal

  2. Complete the Health Quality Assessment (HQA)

  3. Track a healthy habit


Third-party activities are activities where Sonic Boom partners with another vendor or provider to offer the services. When these activities are done, it can take 4-6 weeks for Sonic Boom to receive completion confirmation from the vendor. Examples of these activities include the following:

  1. Biometric screenings

  2. Preventive exams


If you’ve done an activity from your Rewards page and you're still not seeing the activity reflected as complete, notice if it's either within an hour of completion (Sonic Boom) or a third-party activity that may not appear yet.

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