How does the Hydration tracker work?

When added to your list of trackers, the Hydration tracker records your water intake, so that you can reach your daily consumption goal. You can customize your goal to one that best suits your wellbeing needs. A common rule of thumb is half your bodyweight in ounces.


To log activity in this tracker:


  • Click on the Goals tab to locate all of your trackers.

  • Use the + oz button to add ounces as you drink them.

    • You can also log your ounces in totality, if you prefer, with the log progress button.

  • Continue #2 until your goal for the day is reached. You'll receive a point every day that you meet or exceed it.


Note: You'll know when your hydration goal is reached when the bar reaches the dotted line that represents your goal. When this happens, a pop-up window will appear, letting you know the goal was reached.  


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