What is Strava & how is it used by members?

Strava is a web and mobile application that allows users to record cycling routes, runs, and other workouts via iPhone, Android, dedicated GPS device, or within Strava itself. Strava originated in the cycling community but has since expanded to appeal to athletes with all backgrounds and abilities.


Upon download, users are able to sync other programs (such as Peloton) to their Strava account and record physical activity in a wide range of categories. Strava caters to the user's needs by asking their preference upon first app download.


Mobile devices will need to have their location services turned “on” for the app to track them via GPS. When members are ready to exercise, they will have the option to “record” their route under their “Me” tab.  


Note: Sonic Boom Wellness can only intake activity minutes and distance (miles) from Strava.

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