Boomin' Bucks catalog - eGift Card orders

Hinda fulfills eGift card orders with 48-72 hours of being placed.  eGift cards are sent electronically to the email address you provided when placing the order.  All eGift cards are sent from Hinda via this email address:  If you recently placed an order for an eGift card and it's been beyond 72 hours and you haven't received the item, it's possible your email address automatically routed Hinda's emails to a spam/trash/junk folder.  Ensure you check those folders for an email from Hinda.  If you still do not see an email from Hinda, please contact the Sonic Boom Wellness Support Team and we'll work with Hinda to have them resend the eGift card. 

Support Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm Pacific Time


Direct: 760-438-1600

Toll-free: 1-877-766-4208


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