Using Daily Challenge

Earn points for participating in Challenge-of-the-Day (COD)!  Remember, to earn the maximum number of points for the COD, all challenges must be: completed, rated, and commented on.

Using a computer:

  • Visit: & login
  • When viewing the home dashboard of your account, the Daily Challenge widget will appear in the center of the website (to the left of "Caught Ya")
  • Select "Today's Challenge" to learn more.
  • A pop-up window will appear with "Today's Challenge."
  • Read, scroll through the challenge and then rate it by click on any of the star icons, on the right of the challenge.
  • In the gray box that says, "Post a photo or comment", you can either use the picture icon to upload a photo from your computer OR you can type a comment in that space in the box.
  • When finished, select "Submit."
  • Indicate you "completed" it by clicking the oval "Mark as complete" button in the bottom of the screen.

Using mobile app:

  • Open up the Sonic Boom Wellness app on your phone & sign in
  • In the home dashboard of app, scroll until you find "Daily Challenge" section.
  • Click into either "Today's Challenge" or select "View all" to see previous days' challenges.
  • At the top of the challenge, select the star on the upper right corner and rate the challenge.
  • next to the star, is the post button which looks like a conversation bubble.
  • You can post a photo, text or both in response to the Daily Challenge you're reviewing.
  • At the very bottom of your phone's screen, you'll see a complete button.
  • When finished, select the "Post" button.
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