Deleting a post

Need to delete a public post you recently made? That’s alright! 

  • In the Sonic Boom app, click into Caught Ya
  • Scroll through until you find the post
  • Click on this icon “…” in the upper right corner of the post
  • Select “Delete this Post” – removes all content from private and/or public views.
    • You cannot delete a post, if you are the person being caught. Only the person who created it, may delete it.

Using computer:

  • Visit: & login
  • When viewing your home dashboard fid the Caught Ya module, it will be on the right hand-side
  • Select "View My Posts"
  • Scroll through the posts until you find the one you want to remove
  • In the bottom right corner of the post, click on the three grey, vertical dots icon
  • Choose "delete post"
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