Catch someone - Healthy

Using mobile app:

  • Open the Sonic Boom Wellness app on phone
  • At the bottom of the app's screen, select the "Caught Ya" icon
  • Choose “Healthy”
  • Three options to catch someone:
    • Take Photo – snap a picture right now!
    • From Gallery – select a picture from your phone’s photo gallery
    • Skip photo – Select this option if you do not wish to add a photo.

Using computer:

  • Visit: & login
  • When viewing your home dashboard, the "Caught Ya" widget will be on the right hand-side of the screen.
  • Use the green thumbs-up icon to catch someone being healthy
  • In the "who did you catch?" field, type someone's name & select them
  • If you'd like to add an image, you can by selecting the "choose a file" link
  • In the "add a reason..." field, type the reason you're catching this person
  • When finished, select "Post"
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