How do I sync/offload/transfer my Apple Watch/Health app data to Sonic Boom Wellness?

Now that you've successfully linked/registered your Apple Watch/Health app to your Sonic Boom Wellness account, you'll need to use the Sonic Boom Wellness app to sync/offload/transfer data to your account. 

A sync/offload/transfer of data happens when your iPhone's Bluetooth is ON and the Sonic Boom app is opened, click on the "My Health" icon (heart) widget, from here you'll see your steps update for the current day.  This happens automatically using Bluetooth. 

If you're seeing your steps aren't immediately updating. Open up your Apple Health Kit app and make sure you see your steps there. Then force-close the Sonic Boom Wellness app and reopen it. Click on the upper right corner where the "My Health" icon is.  You should see your steps there. Best practice is to sync/offload/transfer your steps at least twice a day.  To see your striding data update in more real-time in the wellness program, it's recommended to sync more than twice a day. 

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