I'm having trouble activating/registering my account.

We have what is called a "closed registration process." This means users can't create their own Sonic Boom Wellness accounts.  Accounts are created when we receive program eligibility information from your employer.  There can be a couple of reasons why you're having some trouble.

  1. New hire - it's possible we haven't received your eligibility information from your employer.  This is common because most employers have a grace period between 30, 60, to 90 days before becoming benefits eligible.  Not sure?  Check with your HR/Benefits Department to ensure they have you as eligible for the Sonic Boom Wellness program. 
  2. UIDs not matching - when activating your account, you'll be asked to confirm two types of information.  You may be asked to confirm an employee number, date-of-birth, or email address.  Should the information you're entering not match with what your employer sent us, that would explain why your account cannot be activated.
  3. Already have an account - maybe it's been awhile?  Though our system will still have an account for you, which means another one cannot be created.  Need help getting logged back?  Call the Sonic Boom Wellness Support Team and we'll assist you further over the phone.  

Support hours are Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM Pacific Time.

Toll free: 1-877-766-4208 Direct: 760-438-1600

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