I'm getting a 904 error message when linking my Fitbit account -- what gives?

This error message, "Fitbit- no tracker paired 904 error" is generated by our system and it means the Fitbit account, that is trying to be linked/connected/registered to a Sonic Boom Wellness account, doesn't have a Fitbit device registered to it.

If you're receiving this message, double check the correct Fitbit account credentials are being used when attempting to link a Fitbit account.  You can confirm the Fitbit account credentials, within the Fitbit app:

  • Open the Fitbit app on your phone
  • in the upper right corner, click on the icon that looks like an ID card
  • This is your "Account" settings
  • Scroll down and click on "Security and Login"
  • Under the "Login" section, notate the email address
  • That email address needs to be the one used to link the Fitbit account to the Sonic Boom Wellness account. 
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