Missing achievements in Rewards?

The Rewards page has two types of categories for activities.  Sonic Boom related activities and third party related activities. 

Sonic Boom related activities: hit striding goals, complete an HQA, Healthy Habit days etc.  These activities are done by using the Sonic Boom site.  When these activities are done, they will reflect complete in your Rewards page at the top of the hour.

Third party related activities require Sonic Boom to partner with a vendor to facilitate the activity.  Biometric screenings, physicals and well-woman exams are examples of third party related activities.  When these activities are done, it can take ~4-6 weeks for Sonic Boom to receive completion information from the vendor.

If you’ve done an activity from your Rewards page and you're still not seeing the activity reflected as complete, please contact our Support Team by either phone:

  • Toll free: 1-877-766-4208
  • Direct: 760-438-1600

or email -- click the support widget to investigate further!

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