What are the differences between a self-reported Contest and a verified Contest?

Self-reported Contests:

The majority of Contest options are self-reported. This means that you need to log in and record your progress during the Contest. For example, if you're doing a Contest on hydration, you will need to log in and record how many glasses of water you drink.

Verified Physical Activity Contests:

If your organization offers Sonic Striding and you have an activity tracker, you may create verified Contests for physical activity. Verified means that your activity tracker is tracking your activity automatically, preventing the need for self-reporting of your data. If you create a verified Contest, you must have an activity tracker registered to your account and only those with activity trackers registered may join your Contest. No self-reporting of data (e.g. steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes) will be permitted. The activity tracker does all the tracking for you.

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