How do I create a contest?

  • On a computer, visit: & sign into your Sonic Booma account
  • Click on the CONTEST tab on the main dashboard (in the header strip that goes across the website)
  • Towards the right side of the screen, click on the "Create a contest"
    • (If you'd rather join an contest that has already been created, select "Find a contest")
  • Choose from any of the 6 categories, if you'd like to create a contest from one of the pre-templated contests or choose "Custom" to create your own custom contest. 
  • Custom contest - continue to follow prompts 1-4 to create your contest
  • Templated contest - once you've chosen a category, then choose the type of contest from the available options in that category
    • Example - "Healthy Habits" category, there's 8 templated contests available, choose 1
    • Continue to follow the prompts to name and describe your contest.
  • That's it! 
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