How do I add, rearrange, & delete Trackers?

Getting started:

  • On a desktop computer, visit: & login 
  • When on the home dashboard of your account, click on the TRACKERS
  • If you're a first time user, scroll down and select on "Explore Trackers"
    • Add the Trackers you'd like to use
  • If you're a seasoned Boomer, you may be seeing some trackers you've already added.
  • To add more Trackers, scroll down and select the "Explore Trackers" button
    • Add the Trackers you'd like to use 

To rearrange your tracker(s):

  • Hover your mouse/cursor over the left corner of the tracker you wish to move
  • A four arrow icon will appear and this will allow you to "grab" the tracker to move it
  • Use your mouse/cursor to drag the tracker up or down to desired position

To remove your tracker(s):

  • Locate the  "x" icon in the right corner of the tracker you wish remove
  • Click on this icon and a prompt will appear asking you to either select "okay" or "cancel"
  • Select "okay" and the tracker will be removed from your list of trackers
  • Should you like to re-add the tracker, click on the "add" and select the tracker(s) you wish to add
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