How do I complete a Health Risk Intervention?

Good question! The Health Risk Intervention (HRI) provides a helpful snapshot of your overall health to help you make informed decisions regarding your wellness.


When this feature is enabled, the HRI widget will appear in the My Health section of your Sonic Boom Wellness account. The assessment can be accessed on both desktop and the mobile app. 


  1. On the homepage of your account, click the My Health heart icon.

  2. Under Health Risk Intervention, click Start Now.

  3. You'll be redirected to ProChange, the vendor that provides our HRI.

  4. Answer the questions to get your personal wellness score. It should only take you about 10 minutes!

  5. Tip - use the results from your latest biometric screening to help answer the questions in the health assessment.


Not seeing the Start Now link? It's possible that the timeframe to complete your HRI has ended. Contact your client admin to confirm, as the HRI resets every quarter.


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